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    Extraña Correspondencia (Strange Correspondence) is a multidisciplinary project that aims to unveil the beauty of chaos. Through painting, music and dance, Rossina Bossio intends to find the connection or correspondence between static and moving images, while exploring our relationship to the inherent uncertainty and instability of our lives.
    In 2013 Rossina began painting a series of images depicting vibrant female characters from different ethnicities propped up against chaotic and precarious spaces. The artist wandered the streets of Bogotá, finding inspiration in abandoned buildings, construction sites, landfill sites, car crashes and messy rooms. She wanted to find harmony and beauty in the destroyed, discarded and disorganized: in places that wouldn’t normally be of any interest for artistic purposes.
    Inspired by this series of paintings, 4 soundtracks and 4 choreographies were created for the purpose of making 4 video-performance. The pieces in music, dance and video were directed by the artist and brought to life with the help of prominent dancers, musicians and filmmakers from Colombia, Poland and the UK (view full credit list), between 2014 and 2016.
    The intension of the videos, soundtracks and choreographies is to evoke, complement and make the message of the paintings more powerful, going hand in hand with their surrealist spirit, their mysterious atmosphere
    and the playful juxtaposition of subject and context, classic and contemporary, abundance and precariousness, order and chaos.
    The different artistic languages of Extraña Correspondencia are all protagonists and revolve around the same concept. With this project, the artist seeks to get to the core of two-dimensional images through movement and sound, metaphorically erasing the limits of the canvas and bringing to life the painted characters, objects and spaces, while simultaneously tapping into the contrast between our well presented outer lives, and our more complex and often messy and confusing inner lives.
    Hence, the urban chaos depicted in the images of the project serves as a metaphor of an internal chaos. Strange Correspondence dignifies this inner chaos, as an expression of the unique subjectivity of each human being.
    The first chapter of Strange Correspondance (Doors) was presented in the II Cali Dance Biennial of 2015 and the complete series will be presented for the first time in a grand multimedia exhibition during the first quarter of 2017.
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  • Bienvenido II
  • Había Una vez
  • Estimados Pasajeros II
  • Carrera Mínima
  • Destiempo
  • Asentamiento
  • Recreo
  • Tennis Nuevos


  • Puertas (Doors)
  • Estimados Pasajeros (Dear Passengers)
  • Sillas (Chairs)
  • Ruinas (Ruins)
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